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We are an emerging Clinical Research Organization in the clinical research space

We understand the importance of conducting thorough and accurate clinical trials for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. Our services include study design, protocol development, site selection, patient recruitment, data management, and statistical analysis.
About Innvocept
About Innvocept

Digitally Driven Company

About Innvocept

It's been a great journey, but it feels like we're just getting started!

Incorporated in July 2018, Innvocept Global Solutions is a fast-growing technology-led clinical research and healthcare consulting company founded by experienced clinical research industry professionals.

We recognize the power, value, & potential of digital data.

Innvocept supports clinical studies (Phase II-IV and RWE Studies). We provide custom-built end-to-end research and clinical development solutions to pharmaceuticals, biotech, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, herbal healthcare, research institutions, and medical devices.

Our Study Experiences

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Trust us to provide you with the highest level of clinical research services

We are dedicated to building a strong reputation and client base in the industry, while also ensuring that we have a team of experienced and qualified professionals to carry out clinical trials effectively and efficiently.

Qualified Professionals

Leverage the experience from the pedigree of leading pharma companies.

Disruptive Trial Methodologies

To understand, evolve, and solve complex problems using behavioral sciences.

Partnership Programs

Collaboration with leading MNCs in India and abroad.


Our Achievements

We have worked tirelessly to achieve success and growth, and our efforts have paid off. The extra effort and dedication that we have put in have allowed us to accomplish more than what was anticipated in a shorter time frame.

Go Global Awards Frontrunner 2021

Go Global Awards Frontrunner 2021

Adjudged Frontrunner at Go Global Awards in 2021

Professional Startup 2022

Professional Startup 2022

Adjudged Professional Service Startup in 2022

Clinical Studies 2023

Clinical Studies 2023

Launched our proprietary digital tools for clinical studies in 2023

Experience the convenience of our enhanced one-stop service, now offering even more solutions to meet your needs.

Got to discuss or know anything from us now? This helps ensure quality and schedule and that we’re all working towards the same goal.

Why Us?

We have a consolidated team experience of 150+ years. We are capable of offering the entire spectrum of clinical development services and also supporting any standalone services. 

We aim to bridge the gap between industry and researcher (clients) by providing result-oriented solutions in choosing the most appropriate path to follow the client’s road map to reach its goal.

Why us?
InnvoData Systems

Our Clinical Data Systems

Explore our easy-to-use, cost-effective digital integrated solution to manage clinical data. Our proprietary system is designed to streamline the collection and organization of patient information, making it more efficient and accurate. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to quickly and easily input and access data, even if they have limited technical skills.


Ideal for all clinical trials regardless of phase, therapeutic areas, magnitude, or complexity



A system that supports capturing instant data and transferring the data to a centralized data center



A clinical trial management system that supports viewing and managing of real-time operational performance

With our system, you can manage and organize patient data, and provide access to the entire team in real-time, with just a few clicks. Our system also ensures compliance with regulations, reducing the risk of errors, and saving time and resources. This is a perfect solution for any clinical research organization or healthcare provider looking to improve their data management process.

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Latest News & Articles

We bring you the latest updates and insights on clinical trials. From new developments in treatment options to the latest regulatory changes, our team of experts provides in-depth analysis and commentary on the clinical trial landscape.